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About Us, Our Mission & Our Programs


          A Non-Profit Theatre Company


The future of theatre lies in the hands of its creators


Our Mission

Theatre Now New York (TNNY) is a nonprofit professional theatre company focused on the production of new plays and musicals, recognizing that fully staged productions provide the best process for the development of new work.  

TNNY believes that Theatre should be dynamic and relevant connecting audiences through their identification with the play or musical.  TNNY targets potential audience members most likely to identify with the shows we have chosen believing that new theatrical works are developed best by being produced and experienced by those audiences.  

We choose shows we believe have the potential for being dynamic and relevant to potential audiences by writers that are vetted through our programming. Talented writers are given far too few  opportunities to develop their work  as fully staged productions.

TNNY brings together those audiences to those shows by those writers.


Theatre Now New York supports outstanding writers with the opportunities they need to create new theatre works.

TNNY was formed with the idea that too many talented and worthwhile entry-level and mid-career writers are stuck in the reading phase without enough opportunities for production and that a lack of production opportunities for writers is severely hindering the development of new theatre and therefore new theatre going audiences.

From that initial idea, the SOUND BITES Festival of 10-minutes musicals was created and first presented in 2013.  Through an open submission policy, writers may submit 10-minute musicals or 10-minute excerpts from a larger piece. All of the submissions received each year are evaluated by a 12 member adjudication committee of peer industry professionals and the top 10 finalists are chosen for presentation in an off-Broadway NYC theatre. The first three years SOUND BITES was held at The 47th Street Theatre and SOUND BITES 4.0 was at the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center in NYC. SOUND BITES having become an annual event is now entering its fifth year, grows larger and larger each year providing musical theatre writers with much needed opportunities to develop their work through performance.


In 2017, TNNY was asked to join the West End Theatre consortium. This gives TNNY a home to produce 3-4 week runs of full plays and musicals each year. The West End Theatre, located on West 86th Street & West End Avenue in NYC, is an intimate 87 seat off-Broadway theatre. This fall, TNNY will produce three full musicals in rotating rep at the West End Theatre. The musicals will be chosen from submissions received from SOUND BITES alumni allowing us a continuation of vetted writers and building on our relationship with them.


New Musicals & Plays Presented in Rotating Repertory Style - A New Model of Artist & Audience Development

The Future of Theatre is Now! Is Theatre Now New York’s newest program designed to get new plays and musicals up on their feet as fully staged productions where they can be seen by live audiences.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, TNNY will officially become a resident company and consortium member of The West End Theatre, an intimate 87 seat off-Broadway theatre located on West 86th Street and West End Avenue in The Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew in NYC.

As a member theatre we will have two annual performance slots of three weeks each to produce new works which can be expanded in the future as the program grows. In order to facilitate the development and production of as many new plays and musicals as possible we will produce two to three new full length works during each three-week slot in rotating rep. This will allow each production a total of 9 to 15 performances (3 to 5 performances per week of each show) over each three-week period.

In addition to providing more opportunities for more writers, the rotating rep schedule supports the development process by giving each show time off between performances where revisions and changes can be incorporated into the next performance with additional rehearsal beforehand as needed.

The Future of Theatre is Now!


Our History

Theatre Now New York is a professional theatre company whose history originates with two established companies — the Genesius Theatre Guild in New York City and ReVision Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ. Theatre Now New York brings together the founding principles of both these companies: developmental work and mainstage theatrical productions.

TNNY was founded in 2013 by Thomas Morrissey along with Julie Marino and Stephen Bishop Seely all three of whom worked together for many years at The Genesius Theatre Guild and ReVision Theatre. Director, Thomas Morrissey, has helped develop and produce new plays and musicals including the East Coast Premiere of Kingdom, music by Ian Williams and book by Aaron Jafferis, the world premiere of The Last Sunday in June, by Jonathan Tolins and the East Coast Premiere of The Break-Up Notebook music and lyrics by Lori Scarlett and David Manning and book by Patricia Cotter. Stephen Bishop Seely, Literary Manager of Theatre Now New York and Producer of SOUND BITES, has helped develop several Off-Broadway and Broadway shows including Disney's Tarzan, Rock Wilk’s Broke Wide Open, and Brooklyn Quartet, and 8 Million Protagonists.


Theatre Now New York, Inc.
a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitible organization
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West End Theatre: 263 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024
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