Thursday, 22 February 2018

Casting for Three New Musicals

The three musicals will be presented in rotating rep and produced under an Equity Seasonal Showcase Code (approval pending) at the 87 seat West End Theatre ( at the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew, 263 West 86th Street in NYC  

The three musicals, What’s Your Wish?, We Have Apples and Kragtar: An American Monster Musical were chosen through a highly competitive submission process. The purpose of the production is to develop these new works further utilizing the talents of a full creative team and professional cast. Each show will be cast separately and is a highly creative opportunity to be part of the early developmental process of three outstanding new musicals with three committed and talented writing teams.


Fall Production Schedule - 3 musicals in rotating rep.
Monday November 6 - Sunday November 19: Rehearses at SpaceWorks LIC Studio C 
Monday November 20 - Wednesday November 29: Tech at the West End Theatre, 263 West 86th Street, NYC
Wednesday November 29 - Sunday December 17: Performances West End Theatre
For the casting breakdown and performance dates of each show click on the links to the right. To submit yourself for an audition click on and submit the online casting form.

The Shows:

What's Your Wish? 

book, music & lyrics by Thicket & Thistle

What’s Your Wish? is an original comedic folk musical that carves a witty and poignant story of two best friends, Nicholas and Brian, who get sucked into a magical book and must find a way to make it out alive. On their journey, they encounter a friendly trash rat, a rebellious young fairy, and a seductive, power-hungry enchantress. Through their misadventures, the boys come face to face with issues of integrity, the power of friendship, and the true meaning of sacrifice.

Thicket & Thistle is a collaborative group of theatre artists and actor/musicians devoted to creating new musicals that meld a passion for honest, heart-filled storytelling and the spirit of improvisational comedy with a love for folk music. Working within the joyful confines of a DIY, suitcase-theatre aesthetic, Thicket & Thistle strives to surprise and delight, engage and enlighten. The members of Thicket & Thistle include: Kyle Acheson, Sam De Roest, Nyssa Duchow, Jonathan Eric Foster, Sarah George, Corley Pillsbury, and Joshua Stenseth.


We Have Apples

book, music & lyrics by Rachel Griffin and Aron Accurso’

We Have Apples follows Jane, a quirky nineteen-year-old, who is determined to overcome her mental illness and become a successful writer. Paralyzed by the intensity of Depression, Jane’s illness personified, Jane is forced to check into a psychiatric facility. Frustrated by the childish therapy groups at the facility, Jane and her fellow patients start their own writing group. When a preventable tragedy occurs due to inadequate care, Jane and the patients expose the hospital online and end up turning things upside down both inside and out of the ward.


Kragtar: An American Monster Musical

book by Sam French & Kyle Wilson
music & lyrics by Kyle Wilson 

America is being ravaged by a Godzilla-esque beast, Congress has their heads up each others' asses, and it's up to two gay scientists to save the world from the monsters - the ones from the deep and the ones in DC. A darkly comedic satire and love story, KRAGTAR tackles a divided country the near-apocalypse with musical theater.

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